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La planète bleue

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la planète bleue, the programme
another kind of radio is possible

La Planète Bleue is an experimental programme.
Yet over the years, its has also become its most popular. This remarkable paradox leaves radio-station heads speechless. It is as if a late-night arts show achieved higher viewing figures than a primetime soap every evening. Amazing, no?

La Planète Bleue is to radio what a flying saucer is to traffic jams: another world, another dimension.
A bubble outside time, a dustless draught.
Yes, another kind of radio is possible, as La Planète Bleue shows each week, on the airwaves and on the Web (

On La Planète Bleue, we play music that you will never hear anywhere else: innovative music from every corner of the globe. Artists formerly ignored by the media have found a place on La Planète Bleue today.

We concentrate on remarkable, offbeat, dissident, deviant and sometimes completely taboo subjects, and talk about something others do not mention: the future.
In every corner of the globe, an appraisal of tomorrow’s news.

The programme’s flavour is global and futuristic; the tempo fluid.
The ambitious, surgical production is carried out on a ProTools station.
More a filmmaker’s than an FM-band approach to radio.
An "audio film" that sometimes sets the body, often the soul and always the imagination moving.
In a word, the idea is to re-enchant radio.


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