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La Planète Bleue  42

En multidiffusion (FM, DAB+, streamings, podcasts)
à partir du 03 décembre 1995

La Playlist de l'émission

  1. Another Fine Day
    Ammonite Spiral (Beyond Records)
  2. David Byrne
    Song for the Trees New York, USA
  3. Collapsed Lung / Czukay Holger
    Maclife intro/ Hey You
  4. Pygmées M’Benga
  5. Peter Scherer
    So Many Constellations
  6. Smockers Delight
    Nights Introlude
  7. Suns of Arqa
    Hear the Call
  8. Rachid Taha
    Zaama (Barclay) Oran, Algérie
  9. Towa Tei
  10. Transglobal Underground
    Temple Head UK / Egypte
  11. Trisomie 21
    The Morning Rain France
  12. Wasis Diop
    Draman Sénégal
  13. Hector Zazou & Vimme Saari
    Adventures in the Scandinavian Skin Trade (Sony)